FARTY GAMES  offers a small collection of fart games.

1.) MEMOFART (thought fart)

Memofart is based on the classic game  Memory. Falsely claims Memofart is a smelling-memory.

No, no smells or pictures in this but the same fart sound is looking for. Listen closely to the fart

and remember the positions of the fart button.

2.) MEGAFART (powerful fart)

Megafart can be played with any number of players. The one who caught the Megafart fart button

loses the round. The mighty duck can easily contaminate even the inside of the display of your

mobile phones or tablets. Don't worry the mighty fart disappears by alone.

-Multiplayer modes

-entertaining fast paced fart game

-Many funny fart sounds

-The small STINKEY accompanied you at "FARTY GAMES" with funny fart animations

2have4 wishes you a good entertainment

May the fart with you be!

 2have4 2015